algorithmic Me

I train myself to be creative all the time. And as creativity does not distinguish among disciplines, I do it doing a lot of things. I study music and math. I have written for years. I bake my own bread every week. Computers are part of my training. I write code to ask myself, to think, to design tools which help me with what I do. I use them to edit my photos too.

The patience needed to find a bug in a program's code is the same needed to expect the light to be perfect for a photograph or a bread to ferment. The capacity to see with a creative sense the problem I try to solve is the same I use to imagine the picture I want, to write a musical piece which is a game at he same time, to conceive a crazy character for a story.

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1986 and have lived in Argentina since then. In 1996 I entered the Argentine School for Inventors. I studied orchestral conducting in National University of Arts, I studied a bit of math too. But I am learning new stuff every week so, my transit trough school and college doesn't give you a precise idea of who I am.

another side: photography

If you are interested in photography I invite you to escape from my algorithmic side and look at my work here. If you read in spanish you will find not only pictures but also ideas, projects and stories. Things I learnt spending a lot of time with digital and analog cameras.

another side: literature

Sometimes I write about things which don't exist. If you like reading literature you can visit my blog Percepciones de la ignorancia. Or look for my book of anagrammed tales Rosatel Nagodramasa.

another side: music

I am always working in a series of stochastic musical pieces which are built through a a game played by people without specific training. You can listen to some of them here.

contact me

If you want to contact me feel free to do it by mail. You can look for me on telegram or mastodon.